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About webZplus

webZplus have been involved with the internet since 1998 when we established our first website. This site which was all hand coded and featured very simple graphics seemed to take forever to load over a fast (14.4 kbps) dial up connection.

Since our humble beginnings we have continued to develop sites based on solid coding and industry best practices, we have helped hundreds of people set up email accounts, establish websites and develop their own online presence.

Over the last twelve years we have attended numerous training courses and seminars, read hundreds of books and visited thousands of websites, we are also proud members of many industry associations and regularly contribute on blogs and forum pages.

We would be happy to assist your business develop your own internet presence or answer any questions you may have regarding domain names, web hosting or search optimisation.


webZplus through our parent company Devil Digital and employee volunteering is proudly involved with these charity and community groups.

Community Associations Variety Australia St John Ambulance Scouts Australia

Professional Associations

Australian Web Industry Association - The Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) was formed in 2004. It is a not-for-profit association which aims to further the advancement of the web industry within Australia, educate the general public about the role of professionals in the web industry and foster greater ties with like-minded organisations - www.webindustry.asn.au

Open Source Industry Australia - OSIA is the national industry body for Open Source within Australia. We exist to further the cause of both Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Australia and to help our members to improve their business success in this growing sector of the global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market. - www.osia.net.au

Web Standards Group - The Web Standards Group is for web designers & developers who are interested in web standards (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT etc.) and best practices (accessible sites using valid and semantically correct code). - www.webstandardsgroup.org

Nillumbik Business Network- The aim of the Nillumbik Business Network is to facilitate the opportunity for small, micro and home-based business owners to come together, share ideas and knowledge, network, collaborate, inspire each other and to access professional development opportunities relevant to the small business sector in Nillumbik and neighbouring municipalities. - www.nillumbikbusinessnetwork.org.au

Links to loads of helpful websites
Australian Web Industry Association
Open Source Industry Australia
Web Standards Group
Nillumbik Business Network
Australian Domain Name Administrator
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