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Search Engine Optimisation and Submission

Launching a website is no guarantee of getting traffic to your website, Search Engine Optimisation and Submission can help to generate traffic to your website and ensure your website can be found when people search for your business on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

All the websites we create are automatically optimised for the popular search engines, you would think that this is something that everybody would do? Unfortunately not everybody understands how important this can be, or is simply too lazy to provide this service to their clients. By applying simple techniques to your website we can improve the chances of your site being found, which results in more business for you.

Directory Submission

Submitting your website to the popular directory websites helps to increase the chances of people finding your business, many of these directories are the first place people look when the are searching for a local trade or service, we understand how these directories work and can help you to maximise your listing to increase traffic to your site.

Back Links

Back Links or Inbound Links are links from other websites to your own site, back links are an important part of search engine positioning. Back Links assist a website to feature prominently on Google and are often used by other search engines to establish how important a website is. Creating quality links and maintaining them over time is an important part of building your presence online.

Social Networking

Social Networking and the various websites it includes are how people communicate today, social networking sites allow people with similiar interests to meet other people, share stories, experiences and information. Just as you are part of a family, community or workplace in the real world, social networks allow you to connect in exciting new ways to people wherever they are in the world. Everyday business people are finding new ways to use social networking to generate business and increase sales.

* Our Search Engine Optimisation and Submission pricing should be used as a guide - we work with clients to ensure the best possible results based on your budget and requirements. We are always happy to offer free advice and recommend you contact us before choosing a SEO provider.

Why you should talk to us first

Like advertising in the real world, advertising online isn't without its traps and pitfalls, many companies on the internet are making promises that are impossible to keep and charging prices that are far higher than most businesses need to spend.

At webZplus we have been helping people develop their web presence for over 10 years, we offer realistic solutions and strategies based on common sense, honesty and great value for money. We are always happy to discuss your needs and help you develop a plan for your business.

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